Wer oben sein will, braucht einen klaren Focus.

Sound judgment is crucial to far more than selecting new investment opportunities.

Unique in four ways – our eye for essentials

  • Dr. Ulf Lange

    We are passionate in our support for ADCURAM’s operational approach.
    Dr. Ulf Lange
  • Dr. Florian Meise

    The basis of every successful transaction is a genuine interest in the motivations of the other stakeholders in the case in question. After that, there are as many solutions as your imagination can come up with.
    Dr. Florian Meise
  • Dr. Matthias Meise

    We share the entrepreneurial focus, strategic foresight and professional application of the ADCURAM Executive Board.
    Dr. Matthias Meise
  • Thomas Probst

    Our financial strength and ownership structure allow us to follow a sustainable growth strategy – independently, for the long term and with a clear focus.
    Thomas Probst