Wer oben sein will, braucht einen klaren Focus.

We combine many interests in
order to reach the very top.

As an investor, we offer clear benefits for company vendors – whether medium-sized businesses or conglomerates.

However complex the interests of all the parties involved – ADCURAM is the ideal partner to handle your transaction needs.

This is valued by the owners of medium-sized businesses, managers of conglomerates, M&A consultants, financial auditors, attorneys, fiduciaries, insolvency brokers and banks. The clear benefits for the vendor are just as important to us as the future-proof alignment of your company.

We have learned over the years that no two transactions are ever the same! Whether it’s a succession scheme for someone’s life achievement in a medium-sized business or a carve-out/spin-off from large conglomerates – we know the subtle differences and treat each company with the same care as if it were our own. We consider ourselves an entrepreneurial investor with a wealth of experience, and reach our decisions utterly independently.