Wer oben sein will, braucht einen klaren Focus.

Our diversity makes us unique.


Do you think you qualify as being out of the ordinary? If so, you’ll find the extra spark you need for your further develop-ment at ADCURAM – complete with all the trimmings!

A wide range of duties
YOU will constantly face new and challenging tasks to stretch YOUR abilities, in line with the sector, size and circumstances of our subsidiaries.
Short decision-making channels
Flat hierarchies, open doors and short communication channels allow YOU to inject your proposals and put them into action in a highly focused way.
Use your entrepreneurial talent
Are YOU as business-minded as we are? If so, then YOU should also share in the value creation process as a co-entrepreneur!
Our Academy supports YOU with regular in-house and external training for your personal and interdisciplinary development.
ADCURAM events
Several ADCURAM events per year offer YOU all the fun and action you need to become part of the team.
Open corporate culture
An open and team-oriented corporate culture where everyone is trusted to pull their own weight offers YOU a pleasant atmosphere that’s conducive to work.
Future-oriented workplace
A workplace awaits YOU in the heart of Munich – at our constantly growing group of companies.
Constance Leitner
Constance Feuchtinger, Human Resources
Our work is challenging because we constantly deal with new companies from different sectors of industry. So it’s great that ADCURAM takes good care of us. Not only is our health well looked after, but we go on the road together once a year for a relaxing get-together.

These are our values!