Wer oben sein will, braucht einen klaren Focus.

Wherever you look, you will find corporate team spirit and growth-oriented foresight.

There are many facets to a successful group. At ADCURAM all good things come in threes:

ADCURAM is an active holding company with an operational approach. Every new investment has one clear aim – to raise the group company’s profitability and competitiveness to a new level. To this purpose, the holding company employs a large team of experienced specialists who analyze the initial situation together with company management on-site and who quickly and consistently implement an extensive package of measures for increasing efficiency and creating growth. This means that every one of our group companies can rely on the expertise, commitment and support required for developing into one of the leading suppliers in its markets.
All of our decisions are made with the sole aim of achieving the best possible long-term development of our group companies. As owners, we assume the entrepreneurial responsibility for this. As a result, we both live up to the reputation of ADCURAM and create the basis for further growth. Someone who wants to develop a company with potential actively and sustainably not only needs entrepreneurial far-sight, but also a clear focus and entrepreneurial responsibility. Sustainable managerial leadership has always been our standard, we actively live up to our social responsibility. The name “ADCURAM” (from “cura”, the Latin word for “care”) stands for this conviction.
Financially strong
ADCURAM invests the capital of its owners, its own liquid funds, and capital of selected long-term investors such as family holdings and pension funds. We can invest a total of €300 million in the acquisition of new subsidiaries. As a privately owned industrial holding, ADCURAM invests in the long-term success of its group companies – in their competitiveness, in innovation, in technology, and in the development of new markets. All corporate decisions are taken with a view to the 10-year perspective. Profit is invested in generating further growth. This provides us with the independence we need to do what is best for the business in any situation.