Wer oben sein will, braucht einen klaren Focus.

It takes expertise, lifeblood and
passion to make it to the top.

A strong holding company

Our holding company is divided into three areas: Mergers & Acquisitions, Operational Development and Holding Compnany Functions. Our well-rehearsed team of specialists has many years of practical experience and combines utmost professionalism with the requisite expertise.
Mergers & Acquisitions
The members of our investment team each have more than ten years’ professional experience in analyzing companies and their potential and in structuring and financing acquisitions. Involving our operational team ensures solid industrial understanding and enables us to concentrate on the essential issues. All decisions are made by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. This ensures swift implementation and a high level of transaction security.
Operational Development
The further development of our group companies is an aim we support with a large team of operational specialists. Each one is a certified expert in his or her area and has at least ten years of industrial and management experience. We also employ in-house specialists for the areas of finance and controlling, purchasing and logistics, IT and business processes, production and technology, as well as sales and service. Our operational team covers a broad spectrum of sectors and industries – automotive, chemicals, mechanical engineering, electronics/technology, consumer goods, commerce and services. Our specialists have experience working for owner-managed, medium-sized companies and international corporations in Germany and abroad.
Holding Company Functions
The employees working for the holding company support our group companies and the Investment team. This team covers a broad spectrum of disciplines – taxation, law, controlling, financial reporting, human resources, marketing and office management. The team plays a special role in structuring acquisitions, in key legal and taxation matters and in securing commercial transparency. Before coming to ADCURAM, the employees worked for international tax consulting and auditing firms, renowned law firms, recruitment companies and industrial enterprises.