Wer oben sein will, braucht einen klaren Focus.

Appreciating others’ values
brings swift and smooth results.


ADCURAM is a reliable partner for conglomerates. We consider ourselves an entrepreneurial investor with a wealth of experience, and reach our decisions utterly independently. In so doing, we are just as committed to achieving a smooth transition as we are to ensuring that the appropriate investments promote the long-term competitiveness of the company that is changing hands.

Your benefits from a transaction

  • Attractive asking price
  • Maximum transaction security
  • Tightly focused due Diligence

Sustainable development

  • Profound operational experience
  • Strong Team on-site
  • Long-term ownership

Your benefits from a transaction with ADCURAM

Attractive asking price
ADCURAM is a financially strong industrial group that also makes all-equity investments.
Maximum transaction security
ADCURAM deploys an experienced transaction team with the full involvement of its Executive Board. ADCURAM reaches all its decisions utterly independently.
Tightly focused due diligence
ADCURAM is an entrepreneurial investor with a superlative operational skills set. We know just what it takes.

How you can achieve sustainable corporate development

Profound operational experience
ADCURAM has been developing companies for more than 10 years toward success and sustainability. ADCURAM has extensive sector-specific expertise.
Strong team on-site
ADCURAM has its own team of operational experts.
Long-term ownership
ADCURAM looks for long-term success.