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Successful supplier for the construction industry in the areas of drainage, cellar construction and gratings


MEA is an international group of companies with over 130 years of experience in the market, global operations and production facilities in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Romania and China. Innovative products and solutions make the MEA Group one of the leading suppliers for the construction industry. MEA offers its customers a wide range of products for the areas of basement construction and drainage systems as well as a comprehensive range of gratings. MEA has held a leading position for many years, particularly in the area of light wells and ventilation shafts. Under our ownership, the company has grown into a €130 million company with more than 700 employees, through organic growth and the acquisition of stainless steel specialist ASM in Münsingen (D). The global operations are managed from Aichach near Augsburg.

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Facts & Figures

Building supplies industry
Aichach (Germany), production facilities in Münsingen (D), France, the Czech Republic, Romania and China
Revenue turnover (2017):
€130 million
Acquired on:
31 August 2018; acquisition of add-on ASM on 01 March 2019
Aktoris GmbH (Holding of owner family of MEA); family entrepreneur (ASM)
Planned succession, 100% of the shares